Mindfulness for Schools in Liverpool

Mindfulness for Schools in LiverpoolDo you believe that more mindfulness for schools in Liverpool would benefit learners? If you are a teacher why not sign up for a mindfulness course for your learners, or even for yourself and your colleagues? By practicing mindfulness, children can develop the skills to become calmer and more resilient. It is a crucial part of a child’s development to stop and clear the mind, and a course in mindfulness can teach them how, through the power of now, meditation, yoga and other techniques. With the aid of a mindfulness course, children can develop emotional intelligence and control, cognitive ability, relationships with others, resilience, performance, self-esteem, determination and concentration, giving them a head start in all areas in life.

Teachers can also benefit from a mindfulness course. In Liverpool, mindfulness for schools is not just about the children; teachers and parents can improve their teaching methods and everyday lives by practicing mindfulness. Little Sunshine Yoga is offering full day mindfulness courses, teaching mindfulness to each class with a free teacher training session if you book a block of six sessions. We are also offering hourly mindfulness or yoga sessions for full classes, small groups, PSHE, SEAL, PPA cover . All resources are provided during the sessions.

Little Sunshine Yoga provides strategies for mindfulness for schools in Liverpool and surrounding areas by teaching children how to still their mind, gain control of their emotions and focus on the present moment. Starting the school day with meditation and clearing the mind enables young learners to relax and develop cognitively, socially and emotionally. Contact Little Sunshine Yoga if your school could benefit from a mindfulness for schools course. Children are often under pressure, whether its peer pressure, social media, meeting expectations at school, social problems or home life, and practising meditation and mindfulness will greatly increase their ability to cope with and overcome their challenges. Give your learners and children the best support you can with a mindfulness course today.