Connect 5 training for parents

Youth connect 5 training is a 5 week parent training programme for parents who may need support guiding their children through difficult times. This is a fun and engaging programme to develop skills that promote resilience and support for children. As parents, we develop our own approaches to nurturing, caring for and developing our children as they grow from babies through to young adults. But sometimes situations arise in life – either at home or at school – that may bring some challenges for parents and children to deal with.

Being able to deal with these challenges, and helping children to manage life when it gets tough will make them stronger and improve their chances of being able to bounce back when they feel that things are against them. There isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach, but Youth Connect 5 teaches the skills needed for parents to then draw upon to both build their own resilience, but most importantly their child’s.

Sessions are available for 10 parents only. It is the school’s responsibility to advertise the sessions and provide space available for the accurate amount of people. As the sessions are free for parents, school must arrange funding for the sessions to be accessible.

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