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‘Little Sunshine Mindfulness and Yoga’ recognises the increase in mental health issues in young children and adults. We work closely with the lead mental health team for education, developing our understanding of the issues that mental health brings in young children and teaching staff. Children are under many pressures which can cause anxiety and depression, such as social media and peer pressure, meeting specific targets in school and difficult situations in their home life. Practicing mindfulness and yoga reduces these anxieties before they take effect on their daily life. It is our responsibility to support children’s emotional well-being, particularly in our modern, fast-paced society.


According to an all-party parliamentary report, Mindful Initiative (2015), the government agree that every school and workplace should be practicing mindfulness in their daily lives to improve their well-being. There is a mental health crisis, however mindfulness has a role to tackle these issues. There are 3 key policy challenges including academic attainment and results, deepening anxiety and increase of mental health problems and character building and resilience. Evidence found that all 3 areas were improved when providing mindfulness sessions.

The Guardian (2016) states that one quarter of a million children are receiving mental health care with 235,000 children contacting the NHS for mental health issues. 1.4 billion has been spent on mental health. Childline services have seen a significant rise in calls, conducting 92,891 counselling sessions. Children as young as 6 are receiving treatment for mental health issues.

The Telegraph (2016) claim that there is 2,200 trained mindfulness teachers in the U.K. with an increase of head teachers implementing it into schools. Children are gaining increased attention span, ability to stay calm, improved decision making and reduction in anxiety’.

According to Education Minister, Edward Timpson (The Telegraph, 2017) ‘Mindfulness and yoga should be part of children’s every day in school. Children cannot unplug from the online world and this is causing anxiety for young people. In parliament it was suggested that children’s well-being and emotional development be supported through the curriculum using mindfulness and yoga’.

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