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An image of Katie doing some meditation, Katie is the founder and creator of Little Sunshine Mindfulness and Yoga, she has 20 years experience with children.

About ‘Little Sunshine’


‘Little Sunshine’ was established in 2017 by founder, Katie Scott.

Multi award winner Katie has over 30 years’ experience working with young children.  She is a qualified primary teacher with Early Years specialism, Hatha yoga and children’s mindfulness/meditation teacher.  She is an expert in her field as she has created and delivered self-esteem programmes and mindfulness in schools, across the UK, since 2017. 

Katie has a passion for creativity and emotional well-being. Understanding the link between creativity, SEND, children’s development, and mental health. Author of two educational books ‘Taking worry out of the classroom’ volume one and two, Katie has inspired many teachers to bring mindfulness tools to help children self-regulate, ways to reduce anxiety, build resilience, self-confidence, and positive relationships into the classroom.

Katie now shares her passion and knowledge in her teacher training, with the hope of training one designated children’s self-regulation teacher in each school. Following many evaluations and feedback, Katie has discovered that her sessions have a massive positive impact on children’s emotional well-being.

Katie believes in a creative, inclusive learning environment, where emotional well-being is at the forefront of teachers pedagogy. As an Early Years specialist Katie has studied a range of educational approaches and has now developed the ‘Creative Curriculum’.  Focusing on 6 areas, Katie is now supporting teachers to develop an holistic, inclusive and creative approach to education.

Children’s mindfulness & meditation teacher training

We provide children’s Mindfulness & Meditation teacher training which has been evaluated and accredited by the British Wheel of Yoga.

    Our aim for the course is to provide teachers and support staff with a clear understanding of what mindfulness and meditation is and how this has a positive impact on children’s emotional development.  The course also provides an invaluable insight into how children learn, teaching techniques, additional needs, along with policies and procedures. Participants will also learn how to plan sessions and provide a wide range of fun and engaging activities, plus strategies to help reduce anxiety, build self-esteem and resilience, through the practice of mindfulness and meditation.

    This course is not only to support children’s development it is also a journey of self-discovery, supplying participants with life-long tools to help deal with their own stress and anxiety in life.

    Those taking part will be observed and assessed throughout the six-session course. Ultimately, each person will receive ongoing support to ensure they are able to graduate and deliver sessions effectively and successfully.

    Places for 2023 are already limited as we roll out the programme and invite teachers from schools beyond our existing footprint of supported schools. The course costs £860 and we have easy pay options for qualifying schools and regions. Certificates will be given once the course is complete.

    Taking worry out of the classroom

    ‘Taking worry out of the classroom’ has been created to provide teachers and parents with a range of fun and engaging mindfulness, creative, sensory and self-esteem activities for both primary and secondary school years.

    Each activity includes the benefits, area of learning, age range, SEN and resources needed to assist teachers with quick and easy PSHE planning.

    The aim of the book is to encourage mindfulness and self-esteem activities to be used in the classroom to support children’s emotional development through the practice of mindfulness.

    Little Changes can now last a lifetime

    Katie is committed to changing the way we support our children, and these changes could last a lifetime. It’s hard enough for any child growing up today, but things can be made dramatically better if we give our children the tools to improve self-esteem and a positive attitude. The earlier we can show children life-long tools to help self-regulate and build self-esteem, the better. Watch this short video to gain an insight.


    The incredible results from our 8 session self-esteem programme

    Little Sunshine Mindfulness and Yoga created an 8 session self-esteem programme, data was gathered to help measure the positive impact on children’s mental health and well-being. 29 children took part and we asked 7 questions both at the start and upon completion, they were given 4 options to assess how they were feeling: None of the time – Sometimes – Often – All the Time. The impact can be seen here for the best outcome of All the time.

    Feeling Positive:



    Feeling Confident:



    Feeling Relaxed:



    Feeling Good about Myself:



    Feeling Loved:



    Interested in new things:



    Feeling Happy:





      “Katie worked with our school throughout the academic year. She provided both after school clubs for the children, as well as a programme of mindfulness for various classes. I cannot recommend the service Katie provides enough. At a time when we are seeing first hand children suffering with various emotional needs, Katie’s programme offers hope for both children and staff. The level of CPD for staff is first class. Over a number of sessions, the children acquired a variety of new skills, from breathing exercises to peer massage. Katie’s enthusiasm is infectious and subsequently I have discovered a real interest in well-being and mindfulness. I have recommended Sunshine Yoga to many colleagues and I will continue to do so. Well done Katie you are an angel”


      “I just wanted to say a huge thank you for all of your hard work at our school.  The children absolutely loved the self-esteem classes and the mindfulness activities.  I have had amazing feedback from the children themselves and also the parents who were really impressed with your group.  One in particular was amazed that her son who had ASC and never usually tells them anything about school, was coming home and teaching the family breathing techniques.  Parents are happy that the children are so engaged and they are continuing to use the techniques you taught them both at home and in school.  Your yoga club was excellent also and was really beneficial to our year 6 children as they prepared for SATs by helping them to remain calm and focused.  Thank you again for making such a difference to our children and I look forward to working again with you very soon.”


      “The session was informative and interesting. It made me think about things differently and become more positive. It provided us with some good techniques and strategies to use with the children.”


      “100% of respondents felt the trainer emphasised key points, felt their knowledge and subject matter had been enhanced and the training met their expectations.  75% of the respondents evaluated the training as excellent, 25% very good”

      We’re award winners!

      North West Prestige Award winners, two years running!

      We have won the North West Prestige ‘School wellness service of the year’ award, for the second year running.
      Thank you again for choosing us as your winner.
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