Our Lady’s Catholic Primary School, Knowsley

“Katie worked with our school throughout the academic year. She provided both after school clubs for the children, as well as a programme of mindfulness for various classes. I cannot recommend the service Katie provides enough. At a time when we are seeing first hand children suffering with various emotional needs, Katie’s programme offers hope for both children and staff. The level of CPD for staff is first class. Over a number of sessions, the children acquired a variety of new skills, from breathing exercises to peer massage. Katie’s enthusiasm is infectious and subsequently I have discovered a real interest in well-being and mindfulness. I have recommended Sunshine Yoga to many colleagues and I will continue to do so. Well done Katie you are an angel”

Our Lady of Good Help primary, Liverpool

“Our mindfulness sessions this year have been amazing. All children have taken part in focused sessions with Katie, this has had a positive impact on teaching and learning, as teachers are also now doing 5 minute meditation with the children too.
Thank you Katie for your hard work and dedication to our children”

Our Lady’s Catholic Primary School, Knowsley

“Katie worked with our school throughout the academic year. She provided both after school clubs for the children, as well as a programme of mindfulness for various classes. I cannot recommend the service Katie provides enough. At a time when we are seeing first hand children suffering with various emotional needs, Katie’s programme offers hope for both children and staff. The level of CPD for staff is first class. Over a number of sessions, the children acquired a variety of new skills, from breathing exercises to peer massage. Katie’s enthusiasm is infectious and subsequently I have discovered a real interest in well-being and mindfulness. I have recommended Sunshine Yoga to many colleagues and I will continue to do so. Well done Katie you are an angel”

Saints Peter and St. Paul primary school, Knowsley

“Many children said the breathing techniques helped them remain calm and focused during test week”

St. Luke’s Primary School, Knowlsey

“Katie started working with us in our school 2 years ago. We value the importance of mental health and felt the need to learn more about how this would look. Katie came into school and worked with the children and staff, sharing mindfulness strategies and yoga techniques. Her sessions were soothing and child friendly. The children responded well to Katie’s calm and encouraging manner. Katie helped us to transform a bland under-used room containing some sensory equipment into a calm, safe, welcoming sensory space where children could find peace and time to think.”

St. Anne’s Primary School, Knowsley

“Katie at ‘Little Sunshine Yoga’ delivered mindfulness sessions to a group of KS2 pupils. Katie was sensitive to the children’s individual and diverse needs and made the sessions fun and enjoyable for all. She was well prepared and professional throughout. The children loved the sessions and I would highly recommend her!”

Whiston Willis primary school, Knowsley

“I just wanted to say a huge thank you for all of your hard work at our school.  The children absolutely loved the self-esteem classes and the mindfulness activities.  I have had amazing feedback from the children themselves and also the parents who were really impressed with your group.  One in particular was amazed that her son who had ASC and never usually tells them anything about school, was coming home and teaching the family breathing techniques.  Parents are happy that the children are so engaged and they are continuing to use the techniques you taught them both at home and in school.  Your yoga club was excellent also and was really beneficial to our year 6 children as they prepared for SATs by helping them to remain calm and focused.  Thank you again for making such a difference to our children and I look forward to working again with you very soon.”

Lord Derby Academy, Knowsley

“I just wanted to say thank you to the provision to our pupils on Wednesday during our enrichment day.  The pupils who took part really enjoyed the sessions and it was brilliant to see them engaging in so many activities”


Liverpool Hope University, Liverpool

“100% of respondents felt the trainer emphasised key points, felt their knowledge and subject matter had been enhanced and the training met their expectations.  75% of the respondents evaluated the training as excellent, 25% very good”

Abbots Lea SEN School, Liverpool

“The session was informative and interesting. It made me think about things differently and become more positive.  It provided us with some good techniques and strategies to use with the children”

Carr Mill Primary School, St. Helens

“All children enjoyed the classroom activities.  All teachers agree that meditation would benefit the children.  The majority of teachers thought the meditation was relaxing and helpful”

Abbots Lea SEN School, Liverpool

“Thank you Katie for this wonderful experience.  On a day when I thought I really didn’t have the time, it was the day I really needed it.  I am taking away lots of strategies not only for school but for myself”

Abbots Lea SEN School, Liverpool

“Lovely tone and atmosphere, really informative and practical.  Lots of great activities to try with the students.  Very beneficial session”

Wellesbourne Primary, Liverpool

“We had a 2 hour workshop with Katie.  She explained how to deal with everyday stresses and anxieties from the day to day roles in school.  The tips and strategies she shared with us were very transferable to home life situations and also to the classroom to use with the children.  She made the twilight very enjoyable with short focused activities which kept all staff engaged.  Nobody felt self-conscious taking part, she made everyone feel at ease.  I would recommend this training to all schools”

Saints Peters and St. Pauls, Kirkby

“All the staff enjoyed the twilight session, using breathing techniques which helped them sleep”

Bankview, Liverpool

“Thank you so much for tonight’s session and the session you delivered with our primary classes on Monday.  Everybody loved it and we gained so many useful tips that we can use with the children.  We would love you to come back for more sessions in the future”


Kelly-Ann, Liverpool

“I heard through a friend about Katie’s mindfulness and meditation class. This class is amazing. The way Katie teaches each subject and goes through meditation is fabulous. I had suffered a lot with anxiety and other issues. This has helped me to calm my mind and think more clearly. I would definitely suggest that anyone and everyone needs to give this class a go. I’ve learned life-long skills. Thank you Katie”

Paula, Liverpool

“Really opened my eyes and changed my whole outlook on life for the better. So sad it has finished but will definitely take everything I’ve learned and implement it in my daily routine. Katie is a very genuine, kind, hearted soul and I really would recommend her classes! I am so much happier for the experience. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with me Katie. Look forward to other classes you may offer in the future”

Claire, Liverpool

“I have recently taken part in my first mindfulness 4 week course.  Working in mental health for the NHS, I was aware of the importance of mental well-being.  Completing the course I feel I gained a self-awareness of my own welfare, empowering me with me with transferable skills through all aspects of life.  Katie’s professionalism was paramount throughout the entire course, with a confidential and relaxing environment allowing me to feel at ease within the group.  I would highly recommend the course to other people in the future and would like to thank Katie for her support and guidance and wish her well with her future business plans”

Johnny, Liverpool

“A massive thank you to Katie ‘Little Sunshine’ for giving up her time to teach mindfulness and meditation.  The last 4 weeks has been amazing, met some great people and learnt so much and will carry on learning thanks to you.  Anybody thinking of doing anything like this I highly recommend her she’s amazing”

Hollie, Liverpool

“I had a lot going on which caused me to feel anxious and stressed. Id hears about the mindfulness and meditation class so I decided to attend the 4 week course. She was so welcoming and made everyone feel at home. I can honestly say after the first class I felt so much better. She showed us techniques show to stay calm and not to worry, by the end of the 4 weeks I felt like a different person. I was elevated and felt like me again. I couldn’t recommend her highly enough”

Colette, Liverpool

“I’ve just finished a 4 week mindfulness course with Katie and enjoyed everything about it. I met some lovely people and was really impressed with Katie’s knowledge. I would recommend this course to anyone and I will be incorporating bits of the course into my everyday life. Thank you Katie”

Joan, Liverpool

“Katie what a star! I enjoyed every minute of this 4 week course with my group. I was apprehensive at first and had lots of problems. I didn’t think I could cope, how wrong was I! Katie taught me lots of strategies on how to cope, also how to meditate I have continued to put them into practice. I feel in a much better and happier place. I have encouraged friends and work colleagues to Katie on another of her 4 week classes. If you feel low and think I can’t go by myself because I don’t know anyone there, just DO IT! I DID IT! It was worth the money and Katie was so friendly and professional in delivering new life skills. Well done Katie and good luck with your classes. One very happy customer”

Sarah, Liverpool

“After doing a 4 week mindfulness class with Katie, she has really helped me change the way I think and approach things. What she says makes senses and is so inspiring. I would highly recommend to anyone! Thanks you Katie”

Lyndsey, Liverpool

“What can I say? I have just completed a 4 week mindfulness course. Can’t thank Katie enough for all inspirational words and positive thoughts, she is fantastic! After just one week I changed my whole way of thinking, can’t describe it, all I can say is give this a go!! I looked forward to it every week and have met some lovely people!! Thank you again!!”

Louise, Liverpool

“I have just completed a 4 week mindfulness course. It has truly changed my outlook on life. Given a different perception to situations and life lessons to carry on in the future. Truly inspirational. Cannot recommend enough it’s amazing”

Sarah, Liverpool

“Completed a 4 week mindfulness course with Katie. She is absolutely lovely and very enthusiastic. The really changes your mind set and your thinking. Loved going to it each week. Thank you Katie for your inspiration and positive vibes. Highly recommend to anyone who wants an insight into mindfulness or a calmer life”

Helen, Liverpool

“I have just completed a mindfulness course with Katie. I found it really helpful and it has changed my mind set. Would recommend this course as it’s definitely changed my way of thinking”

Rosina, Liverpool

“Loved every minute of our mindfulness classes. Sorry they are over, want to do it all over again, learned so much, met brilliant people, thank you so much, would highly recommend Sunshine”

Paula, Liverpool

“I had such an amazing experience on my mindfulness course with Sunshine Yoga. I feel that everyone young to old should take this course. We all have busy lives and so much on our mind, things happening day to day. Our minds never rest and we never take time for ourselves. Stress and anxiety. This is a wonderful opportunity to put things into perspective and appreciate what we have. The teacher is so passionate about this and shines through to us all. Thank you so much for everything. It’s been a pleasure and life lesson”

Kelly, Liverpool

“Thank you so much for our amazing mindfulness classes, I have learned so much over the past 4 weeks and met some amazing people along the way. I loved every minute of the classes and would highly recommend the course to anyone interested in mindfulness. Fantastic teacher. Amazing teacher”

Michelle, Liverpool

“I just wanted to write a message to thank you for last night’s meditation class. Your environment is warm and welcoming, you are so calm and friendly. The range of meditations were explained clearly, how we should breathe and sound etc. even though it was new to me I felt comfortable having a go and they truly helped me quiet my mind. The energy in the room was unbelievable and a lot of that is due to you encouraging our good vibes! I loved it and will recommend”

Kal, Liverpool

“It’s been a pleasure meeting and attending Katie’s mindfulness course on mindfulness this month including meditation.  I would recommend her to anyone as she is so passionate about her work.  Thoroughly enjoyable thanks Katie”

Amanda, Liverpool

“Katie is kind, approachable and compassionate.  Whether you’re starting out on your mindfulness journey or working your way through …………. Katie’s sessions are informative, personal, and suitable for all walks of life.  We all need more balance and be more considerate of others perspectives and we definitely need more kindness in the world………… A lovely lady with a big heart.  Would highly recommend”

Elly, Liverpool

“I have just finished my mindfulness course with Katie and can honestly say it’s made a big difference to my everyday thoughts and actions.  Katie delivers the course in a way we can all relate to and I would highly recommend it to others.  I now understand that self-care is not selfish and intend to give myself some well-deserved time out too.  Thanks again Katie I will definitely be back for more”

Anne, Liverpool

“I have just completed a 4 week mindfulness course with Katie and floated out.  Katie has a lovely nature and is so caring.  Her log cabin where she holds the sessions is like a breath of calm.  You find yourself drifting away and nobody wants to leave.  Thank you Katie for all your help.  The course really helps to put things into perspective”

Natalie, Liverpool

“I want to say a big thank you to Katie for helping me over the last 4 weeks. I didn’t think it would help me after I had cancer but she has helped me so much.  I appreciate you helping me and you treat me as a friend.  You’re so welcoming towards me so I would like to say thank you so much”

Jayne, Liverpool

“I have just completed a 4 week mindfulness course with Katie and I can only describe it as life changing.  With just a few simple changes to perspective and meditation.  I feel as if a big weight has been lifted, I have also found that other people are acting different towards me in a positive way.  I can’t thank you enough Katie see you in the meditations classes”


The Amey, Liverpool

“Thoroughly enjoyed the meditation session.  Informative talk at the beginning which puts a few things into perspective and a lovely meditation session at the end.  Just wish it was longer.  Will definitely look at doing this again”

Leading Ladies in Business, Liverpool

“For the past 4 weeks I have attended Katie’s mindfulness business program to support business focus, success, and my own health.  I related to everything that Katie covered coming away with a deeper understanding of myself, others around me and the next steps I need to take in my business.  Katie has taught me how to live more in the present moment.  The more I worry about the past or the future the more time I’m taking away from the moment I’m supposed to be living.  I feel like I have woken up from the autopilot I have been living and I’m the most focused I’ve ever been ready to push my business to the next level.  Thank you so much Katie your work is life changing!”

GBG, Liverpool

“This was amazing.  The team had a fantastic morning a huge benefit.  Far greater than any management course or training we have ever been on”

Knowsley Housing Trust, Liverpool

“Katie came in and delivered some mindfulness sessions as part of our approach to health and well-being week.  Everyone who attended loved it and we will definitely be making this a regular session for our people.  I’d definitely recommend Katie and her services”


Witton Albion Football Club, Cheshire

“The lads definitely felt the benefits of the session and I’m hoping it will have loosened them off loads”

Honeypot Nursery, Liverpool

“Amazing experience! I can’t wait for the next class”

Schools & Organisations we have had the pleasure of working with:

Abbots Lea School, Liverpool

Aliveness fitness, Crosby, Liverpool

An hour for others, Liverpool

Bankview Primary School, Liverpool

Belvedere centre, Liverpool

Carr Mill Primary, St. Helens

Corinthian primary school, Liverpool

Cressington Manor Nursery, Liverpool

Daisy inclusion

Evelyn Primary, Knowsley

Everton free school, Liverpool

Everton in the community

Evolve, Knowsley

Evolving Mindset, Knowsley

Farnworth Primary, Widnes

Flourish and Succeed, Knowsley

Kensington primary, Liverpool

KC fitness, Old Swan, Liverpool

Kirkby High School, Knowsley

Knowsley Education Psychology Service

Knowsley Housing Trust

Knowsley leisure and culture park, Knowsley

Larkfield Nursery, Liverpool

Lee Cooper Foundation, Liverpool

Little Foxes Day Nursery

Little Stars, Knowsley

Liverpool Hope University

Longmoor Primary, Liverpool

Lord Derby Academy, Knowsley

Middlefield Primary, Liverpool

Monkton Nursery School, Liverpool

Newroots children’s services

Nexus International School, Malaysia

Northwood Primary School, Knowsley

Om Ormskirk, Ormskirk

One Knowsley

Our Lady Good Help primary, Liverpool

Our Lady’s primary, Knowsley

Our Lady Star of the Sea primary, Ellesmere Port

Parent’s voice, Knowsley

Plantation primary, Knowsley

Prescot High School, Knowsley

Rainhill High School, Merseyside

Roby Park, Knowsley

Saints Peter and St. Paul, Knowsley

Sony PlayStation

St. Anne’s primary, Knowsley

St. Columbus primary, Knowsley

St. Elphin's primary school, Warrington

St. Gabriels primary, Middlesborough

St. Laurence primary school, Liverpool

St. Luke’s primary, Knowsley

St. Marys and St. Paul primary, Knowsley

St. Paul of the cross, Burtonwood

St. Sebastian’s primary, Liverpool

Sutton academy, St. Helens

Sylvester primary school, Knowsley

The Amey, Liverpool

Topaz dance studio, Liverpool

Squarepegs, Liverpool

USS, Liverpool, Liverpool

Volair leisure services, Knowsley

Warrington Rylands FC

Warrington sports academy, Warrington

Wellesbourne primary school, Liverpool

Whiston Willis primary, Whiston

Witton Albion FC

Woodlands primary, Chester

Woolton primary, Liverpool

Yew Tree primary, Knowsley

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