Our ‘Little Sunshine’ children’s mindfulness/meditation teacher training course October 2021 was a great success!

The course was held over 3 weekends in October, accredited by the British Wheel of Yoga.

The course included:

  • What is mindfulness and meditation?
  • The benefits and history
  • How this impacts on children’s mental health
  • How children learn
  • How to start your own children’s mindfulness/meditation business
  • Policies and procedures
  • How to become a successful children’s mindfulness/meditation teacher
  • How to deliver an effective mindfulness/meditation session
  • Provide a wide range of self-esteem, mindfulness, emotions and creative activities and meditations for students to deliver to children in their care

Newly qualified teacher reviews:


‘What a course, not only was it educational for me but also a path of personal development and self-reflection, which was absolutely truly wonderful. I met friends, we had fun, we laughed, and we were able to share the knowledge and wisdom that Katie has, the abundance of knowledge and wisdom that Katie has, for the subjects and her passion and her drive to take this into schools and to teach children all over the North West.  We were able to gain that knowledge and its such an honour and a blessing. I want to do the course again myself just because we had so much fun, it’s such an amazing course. I would recommend this to anybody who wants to change the lives of children.’


‘I have had the best experience during this training I cannot recommend it enough.  I can’t wait to use the skills to help children reduce anxiety and stress with beautiful activities and a passion to help children shine. Thank you ‘Little Sunshine Yoga’ you are amazing!’


‘Such an amazing journey, thank you and loved every minute.’


‘An amazing learning journey, a beautiful teacher, new friends made for life. Thank you Katie, for creating this amazing course, giving us the confidence and knowledge of helping children in our lives and the best tools to help them in their lives – mindfulness.  I would highly recommend this course to all, it is just what is needed for our children today, self-esteem and confidence building.’


‘Loved it, thank you, your passion is so inspiring.’


‘Education wise we were given the tools and wisdom by Katie to help children in so many ways. It’s been the best course I have ever been on, met wonderful friends and hopefully gained a new vocation along the way. Thanks Katie.’

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