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We provide private adult mindfulness sessions along with mindfulness in the workplace to support staff morale including effective communication, improved relationships and strategies to reduce stress.


Little Sunshine offer one to one or group adult mindfulness sessions that are held in Liverpool along with workplace workshops, improving your wellbeing and resilience.

One to one or group adult mindfulness sessions are held in Liverpool along with workplace workshops.  Focusing on a range of mindfulness strategies that will improve your self-awareness, resilience, relationships and compassion.


We provide yoga sessions which are a ‘mind-body’ experience developed by moving the body into a sequence of yoga poses, this helps your mental health and physical wellbeing.

Yoga is a way of life!  It is a ‘mind-body’ experience developed by moving the body into a sequence of yoga poses.  During yoga we pay attention to our breathing, breathing in and out through the nose calms the mind.  By developing yoga practices, along with relaxation and meditation improves our way of life as you become more resilient, compassionate for others and have increased focus and concentration.


Take a look at some of our fantastic reviews…

Johnny, Liverpool

“A massive thank you to Katie ‘Little Sunshine’ for giving up her time to teach mindfulness and meditation.  The last 4 weeks has been amazing, met some great people and learnt so much and will carry on learning thanks to you.  Anybody thinking of doing anything like this I highly recommend her she’s amazing”

Lyndsey, Liverpool

“What can I say? I have just completed a 4 week mindfulness course. Can’t thank Katie enough for all inspirational words and positive thoughts, she is fantastic! After just one week I changed my whole way of thinking, can’t describe it, all I can say is give this a go!! I looked forward to it every week and have met some lovely people!! Thank you again!!”

The Amey, Liverpool

“Thoroughly enjoyed the meditation session.  Informative talk at the beginning which puts a few things into perspective and a lovely meditation session at the end.  Just wish it was longer.  Will definitely look at doing this again”

Knowsley Housing Trust, Knowsley

“Katie came in and delivered some mindfulness sessions as part of our approach to health and well-being week.  Everyone who attended loved it and we will definitely be making this a regular session for our people. I’d definitely recommend Katie and her services”

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