What is Mindfulness?

We often live on ‘autopilot’ as our minds are concentrating on worrying about the past and the future rather than focusing on the present moment. I provide strategies that will help you in your daily live to improve your focus. By quietening the mind through the power of now, meditation, yoga and other techniques, our mind becomes clearer which enables you to make wiser choices and become a calmer, more resilient person. We are often faced with challenges and difficult situations in life which can make us feel overwhelmed. Mindfulness is a way of developing our emotional intelligence, enabling us to deal with our emotions in a non-reactive and non-judgemental way.

Mindfulness for schools

As a qualified teacher I understand the pressure that teachers and children are under in the school environment. It is often hard to find time in your busy day or routine to stop and quieten the mind. However, it is so important that children are given the opportunity to quieten the mind as there are many benefits for children’s cognitive development, relationships with others, resilience, performance, self-esteem, concentration, determination and how to deal with their emotions.

Schools we have worked in:
Abbots Lea school, Liverpool
Bankview primary school, Liverpool
Kirkby high school, Knowsley
Middlefield primary, Liverpool
Monkton nursery school, Liverpool
Larkfield nursery, Liverpool
Our Lady Good Help primary, Liverpool
Our Lady’s primary, Knowlsey
Our Lady Star of the Sea primary, Ellesmere Port
Plantation primary, Knowlsey
Roby Park, Knowlsey
Saints Peter and St. Paul, Knowlsey
St. Laurence primary school, Liverpool
St. Anne’s primary, Knowlsey
St. Columbus primary, Knowlsey
St. Luke’s primary, Knowlsey
St. Marys and St. Paul primary, Knowlsey
St. Sebastian’s primary, Liverpool
Wellesbourne primary school, Liverpool
Whiston Willis primary, Whiston
Woolton primary, Liverpool
Yew Tree primary, Knowlsey

Mindfulness for children

Full day mindfulness – teaching mindfulness to each class including breathing techniques, meditation, massage, sensory/mindfulness activities

Hourly mindfulness or yoga sessions – (full class, small group, PSHE, SEAL, PPA cover)

8 session self-esteem – after positivity can you include – love to learn. This includes emotions, ‘I am unique’, gratitude, helping others, love, positivity and using our senses.

St. Anne’s primary school, Liverpool
‘Katie at ‘Little Sunshine Yoga’ delivered mindfulness sessions to a group of KS2 pupils. Katie was sensitive to the children’s individual and diverse needs and made the sessions fun and enjoyable for all. She was well prepared and professional throughout. The children loved the sessions and I would highly recommend her! (Mrs. Harry, SENCO)

St. Luke’s primary school, Knowlsey
‘Katie started working with us in our school 12 months ago. We value the importance of mental health and felt the need to learn more about how this would look. Katie came into school and worked with the children and staff, sharing mindfulness strategies and yoga techniques. Her sessions were soothing and child friendly. The children responded well to Katie’s calm and encouraging manner.

Katie helped us to transform a bland under-used room containing some sensory equipment into a calm, safe, welcoming sensory space where children could find peace and time to think.
She also ran a successful after school mindfulness and yoga club which offered children from reception to year 6 the opportunity to further practice those essential skills. We were honoured and thrilled when asked to participate in the Knowlsey Public Health Annual report film.

Katie has played a very important part in our mindful journey, encouraging and supporting us, helping to embed these strategies into our lives and everyday practice in schools (J. Andrews, SENCO).

Our Lady’s Catholic primary school, Knowlsey
‘Katie worked with our school throughout the academic year. She provided both after school clubs for the children, as well as a programme of mindfulness for various classes. I cannot recommend the service Katie provides enough. At a time when we are seeing first hand children suffering with various emotional needs, Katie’s programme offers hope for both children and staff. The level of CPD for staff is first class. Over a number of sessions, the children acquired a variety of new skills, from breathing exercises to peer massage. Katie’s enthusiasm is infectious and subsequently I have discovered a real interest in well-being and mindfulness.

I am now leading a project in school using many of the skills Katie shared. We can’t wait to work with Katie in the next academic year (That’s if she can fit us in now!) I have recommended Sunshine Yoga to many colleagues and I will continue to do so. Well done Katie you are an angel’ (M. McCoy, class teacher)

Our Lady of Good Help primary, Liverpool
‘Our mindfulness sessions this year have been amazing. All children have taken part in focused sessions with Katie, this has had a positive impact on teaching and learning, as teachers are also now doing 5 minute meditation with the children too.
Thank you Katie for your hard work and dedication to our children’ (Year 5 teacher).

Saints Peter and St. Paul primary school, Knowlsey
‘Many children said the breathing techniques helped them remain calm and focused during test week’ (S. Murphy, Deputy Head teacher)

All resources provided

‘Little Sunshine Mindfulness and Yoga’ provide strategies in the classroom that allow children to quieten their mind and focus on the present moment. Meditation is essential every morning for children to relax and clear their mind at the beginning of the day. Many children are under pressure such as social media, peer pressure, meeting specific targets in school and difficult home lives therefore it is the teacher’s responsibility to support children’s emotional development in the classroom.

Mindfulness for teachers

‘Little Sunshine Mindfulness and Yoga’ provide twilight sessions for teaching staff. This includes meditation and mindfulness to support staff well being, staff morale and communication.

Saints Peters and St. Pauls, Kirkby
‘All the staff enjoyed the twilight session, using breathing techniques which helped them sleep’.

Parent workshops

‘Little Sunshine Mindfulness and Yoga’ provide parent and child workshops. This includes breathing techniques, meditation, massage, sensory/mindfulness activities.


St. Anne’s Catholic Primary school, Liverpool

Year 4 pupil
‘I love mindfulness and yoga because I’m with my friends and it makes my worries disappear.’

Year 4 pupil
‘I liked it when we made the lavender bags. It helps me when I’m frustrated. I think mindfulness is very good. It can help you to be calm and relaxed.’

St. Luke’s Catholic Primary school, Merseyside

Year 2 pupil
‘Mindfulness helps me to feel calm. I love pizza massage’.

Year 2 pupil
‘Mindfulness is good for finding inner peace’.

Year 2 pupil
‘Mindfulness is good because it gives me energy’.

Year 2 pupil
‘Mindfulness is brilliant because it makes me happy’.

Year 2 pupil
‘Mindfulness brings my temper down when I feel angry. I like mindful eating’.

Year 5
‘It helped my mind to function and made me breathe better’.

Year 5
‘It made my mind more peaceful’.

Year 6
‘It was amazing and it really helped me to calm down’.

Year 6 pupil
‘It made the room have a calm atmosphere’.

Middlefield Primary school, Liverpool
Reception pupil
‘I liked the pizza massage because it made me chilled’.

Reception pupil
‘I liked the pizza massage because it made me feel calm and still’.

Reception pupil
‘I liked the shells because they remind me of the seaside’.

‘Mindfulness in the classroom’ – teaching staff training

Staff meetings (1.5 hours) and inset days (2.5 hours)

‘Little Sunshine Mindfulness and Yoga’ provide adult mindfulness training for teaching staff so you are made aware of what mindfulness is and how it can improve the children and your own well-being. During the sessions we discuss what mindfulness is, the research behind mindfulness and how it is important for children and teaching staff, the attitudes of mindfulness, how to bring it into the curriculum, how being mindful in the workplace can support the school morale, meditation and how all aspects of mindfulness can improve work and daily life developing self-awareness, self-acceptance, resilience, gratitude and compassion.

We provide teaching staff with a range of engaging mindful techniques to use in the classroom such as meditation, mindful walking, mindful eating and much more. All strategies are aimed to quieten the mind and focus on the present moment. We deliver all mindful activities so you know how to deliver each one to the classroom and the benefits of each one. We provide all the resources and a booklet containing all activities.

Mindfulness with Katie

4 week course or 3 hour private sessions

Mindfulness sessions are held in the North of Liverpool in a friendly, relaxing and welcoming environment. All classes are confidential. Focusing on 3 aspects of mindfulness per week we discuss strategies that will improve your self-awareness, self-acceptance, resilience, gratitude and compassion. This is a great way to meet new people, share experiences and develop how you view your life in a more positive way.

Paula, Liverpool
‘Really opened my eyes and changed my whole outlook on life for the better. So sad it has finished but will definitely take everything I’ve learned and implement it in my daily routine. Katie is a very genuine, kind, hearted soul and I really would recommend her classes! I am so much happier for the experience. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with me Katie. Look forward to other classes you may offer in the future’.

Kelly Ann, Liverpool
‘I heard through a friend about Katie’s mindfulness and meditation class. This class is amazing. The way Katie teaches each subject and goes through meditation is fabulous. I had suffered a lot with anxiety and other issues. This has helped me to calm my mind and think more clearly. I would definitely suggest that anyone and everyone needs to give this class a go. I’ve learned life-long skills. Thank you Katie’.

Hollie, Liverpool
‘I had a lot going on which caused me to feel anxious and stressed. Id hears about the mindfulness and meditation class so I decided to attend the 4 week course. She was so welcoming and made everyone feel at home. I can honestly say after the first class I felt so much better. She showed us techniques show to stay calm and not to worry, by the end of the 4 weeks I felt like a different person. I was elevated and felt like me again. I couldn’t recommend her highly enough’.

Joan, Liverpool
‘Katie what a star! I enjoyed every minute of this 4 week course with my group. I was apprehensive at first and had lots of problems. I didn’t think I could cope, how wrong was I! Katie taught me lots of strategies on how to cope, also how to meditate I have continued to put them into practice. I feel in a much better and happier place. I have encouraged friends and work colleagues to Katie on another of her 4 week classes. If you feel low and think I can’t go by myself because I don’t know anyone there, just DO IT! I DID IT! It was worth the money and Katie was so friendly and professional in delivering new life skills. Well done Katie and good luck with your classes. One very happy customer’.

Colette, Liverpool
‘I’ve just finished a 4 week mindfulness course with Katie and enjoyed everything about it. I met some lovely people and was really impressed with Katie’s knowledge. I would recommend this course to anyone and I will be incorporating bits of the course into my everyday life. Thank you Katie’.

Sarah, Liverpool
‘After doing a 4 week mindfulness class with Katie, she has really helped me change the way I think and approach things. What she says makes senses and is so inspiring. I would highly recommend to anyone! Thanks you Katie’.

Lyndsey, Liverpool
‘What can I say? I have just completed a 4 week mindfulness course. Can’t thank Katie enough for all inspirational words and positive thoughts, she is fantastic! After just one week I changed my whole way of thinking, can’t describe it, all I can say is give this a go!! I looked forward to it every week and have met some lovely people!! Thank you again!!

Sarah, Liverpool
Completed a 4 week mindfulness course with Katie. She is absolutely lovely and very enthusiastic. The really changes your mind set and your thinking. Loved going to it each week. Thank you Katie for your inspiration and positive vibes. Highly recommend to anyone who wants an insight into mindfulness or a calmer life’.

Louise, Liverpool
Just completed a 4 week mindfulness course. It has truly changed my outlook on life. Given a different perception to situations and life lessons to carry on in the future. Truly inspirational. Cannot recommend enough it’s amazing.

Helen, Liverpool
‘I have just completed a mindfulness course with Katie. I found it really helpful and it has changed my mind set. Would recommend this course as it’s definitely changed my way of thinking’.

Michelle, Liverpool
‘I just wanted to write a message to thank you for last night’s meditation class. Your environment is warm and welcoming, you are so calm and friendly. The range of meditations were explained clearly, how we should breathe and sound etc. even though it was new to me I felt comfortable having a go and they truly helped me quiet my mind. The energy in the room was unbelievable and a lot of that is due to you encouraging our good vibes! I loved it and will recommend’.

Kelly, Liverpool
‘Thank you so much for our amazing mindfulness classes, I have learned so much over the past 4 weeks and met some amazing people along the way. I loved every minute of the classes and would highly recommend the course to anyone interested in mindfulness. Fantastic teacher. Amazing teacher.’

Paula, Liverpool
‘I had such an amazing experience on my mindfulness course with Sunshine Yoga. I feel that everyone young to old should take this course. We all have busy lives and so much on our mind, things happening day to day. Our minds never rest and we never take time for ourselves. Stress and anxiety. This is a wonderful opportunity to put things into perspective and appreciate what we have. The teacher is so passionate about this and shines through to us all. Thank you so much for everything. It’s been a pleasure and life lesson.’

Rosina, Liverpool
‘Loved every minute of our mindfulness classes. Sorry they are over, want to do it all over again, learned so much, met brilliant people, thank you so much, would highly recommend Sunshine.’


Mindfulness in the workplace

‘Little Sunshine Mindfulness and Yoga’ provide mindfulness in the workplace for organisations who need support with staff relationships and team building. The sessions are aimed to provide strategies that help people in their work and daily lives. These techniques will improve how people communicate with each other, relationships and looking at others perspectives rather than just your own. We use scenarios, activities and discussions to develop your emotional intelligence. During the session we look at meditation, affirmations and mindful activities that can improve the workplace environment, creating a more holistic and relaxed atmosphere.

During the sessions we will focus on what mindfulness is, the research behind mindfulness and how important it is for the workplace, the attitudes of mindfulness, how to develop a mindful environment, how being mindful in the workplace can support the staff morale, meditation and how all aspects of mindfulness can improve work and daily life developing self-awareness, self-acceptance, resilience, gratitude and compassion.

Dean, GBG (2018)

‘Thank you ‘Little Sunshine’ this was amazing. The team had a fantastic morning and huge benefits. Far greater than any management course or training I have ever been on’.

Sharlene, Knowlsey Housing Trust (2018)

‘Katie came in and delivered some mindfulness sessions for us as part of our approach to health and well being.Everyone who attended love it – they got so much from it and we will definitely making this a regular session for our people.I definitely recommend Katie and her services’.

Mindfulness one to one sessions

‘Little Sunshine Mindfulness and Yoga’ provide one to one parent/child sessions in the Knowlsey area focusing on breathing techniques, meditation, massage, sensory/mindful/self-esteem sessions.

Angela, Liverpool
‘I took my little girl who suffers with anxiety to a session with Katie and she loved it. It was a very relaxing environment and my little one really engaged with techniques taught, we will definitely be booking in for another session.’

Laura, Liverpool
‘Yesterday me and my daughter Molly age 4 attended a one to one child mindfulness session. Katie was fab went through meditation, different breathing techniques, mindfulness, gratitude and a lovely massage to end (even Mum got involved). Katie and Molly made a thankful/gratitude cup, she woke up this morning and after breakfast said “Mummy can a write a note and put it in my cup?” she is amazing how well she is thinking just after one session. I highly recommend Katie and truly believe if everyone was in this frame of mind the world would be in such a better place. It amazed me how passionate Katie was about her teaching. Thanks so much Katie.

Mum, Liverpool
‘Loved my son’s one to one session. I found he opened up and talked about his feelings in a calm and relaxed atmosphere. We will be taking what we learnt home, most of all our listening skills and relaxation time. Thank you very much.

Mum, Liverpool
‘Hi Katie, just wanted to thank you for our mindfulness workshop on Thursday. Faye and I really enjoyed it. The techniques and explanations around mindfulness you taught have been eye opening. We have used of the techniques since and Faye in particular has found she is sleeping better, using her senses when walking to school, thinking about her ‘unique’ self and gaining more awareness of her surroundings. Thanks so much again for sharing your expertise and imparting your knowledge’.

Nicola, Liverpool
‘Last week me and my 11 year old met the lovely Katie for a one to one child session. Katie was lovely, put Ruby at ease and went through an array of breathing techniques, mindfulness, gratitude, meditation and massage. Ruby really enjoyed the session and said she wanted to go again. I’ve seen a change in Ruby the past few days and feel this is due to what Katie taught her. I highly recommend Katie and truly believe these are skills we all need, children and adults in life. Thank you Katie’.

‘Mindful Initiative (2015) states that since 2009 there has been a rise in staff sickness and absence from work by 24%.’

4 week Mindfulness Course

Results from the most recent Adult Mindfulness course: