Our Aim

To provide pupils and teaching staff with life-long tools that support health and well-being in the school environment.  This includes helping children deal with their emotions building resilience, positive relationships, self-confidence, concentration, whilst reducing stress and anxiety.  With these strategies in place children’s learning, focus and cognitive development is improved.

Self- Esteem in the Classroom

An image of a boy ready to go to school, Little Sunshine provide a self-esteem programme to build children’s self-confidence.

We provide an 8-session self-esteem programme to build children’s self-confidence. Schools choose specific children that they feel may benefit from the sessions and each is conducted in strict confidence.

During the sessions we provide a range of fun and engaging activities such as calming breathing techniques, mindful, sensory, confidence building, team building along with creative activities including peer massage and meditation.

Mindfulness in Classroom

As a qualified teacher I understand the pressure that teachers and children are under within the school environment.  It is often hard to find time in our busy days or routine to stop and quieten the mind.  However, it is so important that children are given the opportunity to do this.  There are many benefits for children including improved cognitive development, relationships, resilience, performance, self-esteem, concentration, determination and how to deal with their emotions.

Image of children doing yoga, we provide yoga sessions which provides many benefits including cognitive development, self-esteem and determination.

We provide full day mindfulness in each class, hourly sessions or after school sessions.  This allows teachers to observe a mindfulness session and understand how each activity is delivered.

Special Educational Needs

An image of a child doing meditation, Little Sunshine provide a range of activities to support children with special educational needs.

We provide a range of activities to support children with Special Educational Needs.  During the sessions we focus on the power of touch using a range of sensory activities and peer massage to stimulate the senses.  We provide physical activities such as yoga and balancing beanbags to develop focus, determination, strength, balance, flexibility and reduce anxiety.

Twilight Sessions

An image of teachers taking part in twilight sessions, we provide mindfulness to support well-being or strategies to use in the classroom.

During the teacher twilight sessions, we provide mindfulness to support staff well-being or strategies to use in the classroom.  Mindfulness for staff well-being includes how to reduce stress, improving positive relationships and effective communication.  This is not only beneficial for the workplace but for teacher’s everyday life.  Our strategies to use in the classroom include fun and engaging, calming breathing techniques, self-esteem/mindful activities and meditation.


An image of students taking part in yoga, Little Sunshine provides yoga services which is a mind-body experience developed by moving the body.

Yoga is a way of life!  It is a ‘mind-body’ experience developed by moving the body into a sequence of yoga poses.  During yoga we pay attention to our breathing, breathing in and out through the nose calms the mind.  By developing yoga practices, along with relaxation and meditation improves our way of life as you become more resilient, compassionate for others and have increased focus and concentration.

During the sessions we focus on breathing techniques (pranayama), yoga poses (asanas) and relaxation (shavasana) using a range of resources such as animals, singing bowls, pom poms, scarves, cards and bean bags.


Take a look at the reviews some of the schools have left us regarding workshops and twilight teaching…

Our Lady of Good Help Primary School, Liverpool

“Our mindfulness sessions this year have been amazing. All children have taken part in focused sessions with Katie, this has had a positive impact on teaching and learning, as teachers are also now doing 5 minute meditation with the children too. Thank you Katie for your hard work and dedication to our children”

St. Luke’s primary school, Knowlsey

‘Katie started working with us in our school 2 years ago. We value the importance of mental health and felt the need to learn more about how this would look. Katie came into school and worked with the children and staff, sharing mindfulness strategies and yoga techniques. Her sessions were soothing and child friendly. 

Abbots Lea SEN School, Liverpool

“The session was informative and interesting. It made me think about things differently and become more positive.  It provided us with some good techniques and strategies to use with the children”

Wellesbourne Primary School, Liverpool

“We had a 2-hour workshop with Katie.  She explained how to deal with everyday stresses and anxieties from the day to day roles in school.  The tips and strategies she shared with us were very transferable to home life situations and also to the classroom to use with the children.  She made the twilight very enjoyable with short focused activities which kept all staff engaged.  Nobody felt self-conscious taking part, she made everyone feel at ease.  I would recommend this training to all schools”

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